In regressive and enlightening ways, the rise of single people and people living alone is getting noticed

With the help of some brilliant minds among the membership of the Community of Single People, I am going to make fun of an article published at Politico about why so many people watch reality dating series such as The Bachelor. Happily, though, the news of the past week is…

Stop panicking. Many of us have chosen to be single.

Rising share of U.S. adults are living without a spouse or partner,” declared a report just released by the Pew Research Center. The report also documents ways in which single men are falling behind partnered men economically.

The report has unleashed a torrent of singlism (the stereotyping and stigmatizing of…

More single men? TIME says that’s “not a good sign.”

Hey, single people, guess what? We have no future!

So says Time magazine, a publication with a history of telling us how awesome those married people are and how pitiful it is to be single.

“Having a Partner Suggests Having a Future”

The reporter doesn’t use the word pitiful, so let me show you a verbatim quote…

In many workplaces, single people do not get treated fairly

Get married, have kids, stay married. That’s the script for how adult lives are supposed to unfold. Never mind that in the U.S., the script maps onto the real lives of fewer and fewer people all the time. Nearly half of all adults 18 and older are legally single, and…

The insights of cutting-edge thinkers complicate the story told by an op-ed in the New York Times

New York Times opinion columnist Thomas B. Edsall is worried that there may be a “whole class of men who no longer fit into the social order.” Some boys and men are having a hard time these days. …

Historical documentation of the remarkable increase in single people in the U.S.

The third week in September, September 19 through September 25 in 2021, is Unmarried and Single Americans Week. I just call it Singles Week. To celebrate, I’ve created a series of graphs, based on Census Bureau data, demonstrating the dramatic rise in single people over more than half a century.

The Number of People Living Alone Has Skyrocketed Over the Past 60 Years

What I have done, haven’t done, and still want to do after 50 years of living single

It’s my golden anniversary. I mark my single life as starting at the age of 18, and it has never ended and never will end. I never married, never even cohabited. That means that today, on my 68th birthday, I am celebrating 50 years of single life.

Please send gifts…

If you want to know what happens to people after they marry, don’t just look at newlyweds

In one of the longest-running studies of the link between marrying and happiness, ongoing for more than 20 years, German adults are asked repeatedly, year after year, how happy they are. That way, researchers can see if people get any happier when they marry than they were when they were…

A new report compares older adults who don’t have children with those who do

The Census Bureau just released their first-ever report on older people in the U.S. who do not have biological children. For those of us interested in single people, the report is relevant because 7 out of 10 older adults who have never married do not have any biological children. …

How weddings unfairly widen the wealth gap between people who marry and people who don’t

A story just published in the New York Times tells us that we need to be “prepping for the year of many, many weddings.” So what’s that going to cost people who are single, not just for any one wedding, but over the course of a lifetime? I looked into…

Bella DePaulo

“America’s foremost thinker and writer on the single experience,” according to the Atlantic. Author of “Singled Out.” Harvard PhD

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