A novel that really gets it about being single and not trying to unsingle yourself

I’m always on the lookout for novels that include great single characters who are not just caricatures who are looking for romantic love. I want single protagonists who are passionate about something other than the quest to unsingle themselves. I want to see their non-romantic relationships depicted in ways that…

About the book, “The Unexpected Joy of Being Single”

In the Community of Single People, someone just asked if anyone had read Catherine Gray’s book, The Unexpected Joy of Being Single. I reviewed it a few years ago, but since that review is no longer available online, I’m sharing it here.

“The Unexpected Joy of Being Single,” by Catherine Gray

In The Unexpected Joy of Being Single, author…

“To further relationship-status equity, behave as if it already exists.”

Jaclyn Geller is guest-posting here to share her bold (and sometimes hilarious) Call to Action for single people who are tired of the pervasive unfairness that advantages married people and deeply disadvantages anyone who is not officially married. Geller, an English professor and author of Here Comes the Bride: Women…

In regressive and enlightening ways, the rise of single people and people living alone is getting noticed

With the help of some brilliant minds among the membership of the Community of Single People, I am going to make fun of an article published at Politico about why so many people watch reality dating series such as The Bachelor. Happily, though, the news of the past week is…

Stop panicking. Many of us have chosen to be single.

Rising share of U.S. adults are living without a spouse or partner,” declared a report just released by the Pew Research Center. The report also documents ways in which single men are falling behind partnered men economically.

The report has unleashed a torrent of singlism (the stereotyping and stigmatizing of…

Bella DePaulo

“America’s foremost thinker and writer on the single experience,” according to the Atlantic. Author of “Singled Out.” Harvard PhD www.belladepaulo.com

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