Marital privilege is pervasive, but unlike white privilege or male privilege, it is rarely recognized

In 2015, Lisa Arnold, Rachel Buddeberg, Christina Campbell, and I created this checklist of marital privileges. (The names are listed alphabetically.) I still really like it — not the fact that marital privilege still happens and is still largely unchallenged — but the list we generated.

I think there has…

“Discrimination skews choices,” economists argue. How it skews the preference to partner.

My heart was broken again recently, when I heard the story of still another single person (I’ll call him Sam) who really wanted to stay single but could not get past the feeling that doing so would mean there was something seriously wrong with him.

Sam and many other people…

How forthcoming are people who have never married in a country where marriage is highly valued?

[Bella’s intro: Writings and research on single people are overwhelmingly focused on singles in nations such as the U.S., Canada, and England. We can never truly understand what it means to be single without expanding our perspectives. …

People who are better off uncoupled do not always realize it

Author and advice columnist Dan Savage was asked this question by one of his readers: “Why do I say yes to dates if I love being alone?”

In his answer, Savage pointed to relentless social pressures, then described three kinds of loners:

“Because we’re constantly told — by our families…

Bella DePaulo

“America’s foremost thinker and writer on the single experience,” according to the Atlantic. Author of “Singled Out.” Harvard PhD

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