Community of Single People: Happy Birthday Posts from Years 2 and 3

Here’s what was happening during the second and third years of the online Community of Single People

Bella DePaulo


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Ever since I started the online Facebook group, the Community of Single People, in 2015, I have written anniversary posts each year. Two of those were published at a site that has been discontinued, so I am sharing them here. The posts marking the other years can be found here.

The Community of Single People Is 2 Years Old

A few months ago, a reporter asked me to weigh in on a story she was writing on the psychology of deception. That was my previous area of expertise, and sometimes I decline those requests if I am particularly busy. I told her that these days, my interest is in single people. I added that if she ever wants to write about that topic, I’m happy to answer questions about any aspect of single life except dating or other attempts to escape single life.

She responded with something like, “Okay, I’ll be back in touch next time I write about dating.”

That’s why we need a Community of Single People (CoSP), an online place where we can gather to discuss everything about our single lives, where no singles-relevant topic is off limits except dating and “poor me, I’m single” sorts of sentiments.

This month, July 2017, marks the 2-year anniversary of that Community. We are a Facebook group of 1,946 people from around the world who want to live our single lives to the fullest.

After two years, there is a comfortable familiarity about the group. We’ve come to know one another, especially those who participate often in the discussions. I think each of us knows who we would most like to meet in person. And, happily, some of us have gotten to meet other CoSP members face-to-face, and even form some friendships.

Members have posted from hospital rooms and cruise ships, from their homes and workplaces and outdoor cafes.

Online, our conversations are wide-ranging.

We post stories from the media about single life, including affirming ones that make us proud and ridiculous and insulting ones…



Bella DePaulo

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