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  • Cholia 'Lia' Johnson

    Cholia 'Lia' Johnson

    Freelancing for Life. Culture Journalist & Self-Care Activist! @zora & more. Author, BECOME AN UNSTOPPABLE FREELANCER https://twitter.com/misscjjohnson

  • SusieMcNaughty


  • Celine Leboeuf, Ph.D.

    Celine Leboeuf, Ph.D.

    I’m a professor at Florida International University. I love applying philosophy to everyday life—and inspiring others to do the same! www.ccleboeuf.com

  • Susan Foster

    Susan Foster

    Susan enjoys life in Montana with her husband, a cranky old cat, and a pleasant, smart dog. Author of a lifestyle blog, she writes fiction and non-fiction.

  • Ali Hall

    Ali Hall

    3 x Top Writer. Kindness = my superpower. ✍Psychology, friendship, social justice, feminism & personal growth. Lover of trail running & dogs. Spread the Ripple

  • Rebecca Walker

    Rebecca Walker

    My new book, Black Cool, just hit Amazon. Go on, order it.

  • WeeziSbaby, she/her

    WeeziSbaby, she/her

    Generalist: I know almost nothing about almost everything,(just enough to be dangerous;). Inclusive Feminist, Vagiterian. Embracing crone-hood.

  • Christina Diane Campbell

    Christina Diane Campbell

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