Single in a Pandemic: 18 Reflections at the 1-Year Mark

There is no one story of what it means to be single during a pandemic. Here are 18 accounts.

Amy Martin with her dog, Chloe. Photo by Amy Martin


Economist, 37 years old; Australia

Sonya Ashby

Library media specialist, 48; West Virginia, USA

Sonya Ashby, photo by Sonya Ashby

Paula Baker

Writer, 56; Bellingham, Washington, USA

Jennifer Breckner

Communications and events professional, 51; Chicago, Illinois, USA

Jennifer Breckner, photo by Jennifer Breckner

Mary L. Calhoun

Retired, 64; KoreaTown, Los Angeles, California, USA

Mary L. Calhoun, photo by Mary L. Calhoun


Police officer, 47; Canada

Dr. Ketaki Chowkhani

Faculty of sociology at the Manipal Centre for Humanities, 35; Manipal, India

Dr. Ketaki Chowkhani, photo by Dr. Ketaki Chowkhani

Jennifer Fields

Information developer and life coach, 46; Denver, Colorado, USA

Natassia Gopaul

Artist and art education consultant, 39; Reading, UK

Evan Hoppin

Deputy public defender, 41; San Francisco, California, USA

Crystal Legacy

Academic, 40; Melbourne, Australia

Crystal Legacy, photo by Crystal Legacy

Kris Marsh

Sociology professor, University of Maryland, 47; Maryland, USA

Kris Marsh, photo by Kris Marsh

Amy Martin

Commercial real estate, 45; Dallas, Texas, USA

Amy Martin, photo by Julia Corbin

Elizabeth Silverstein

Certified dog trainer, 33, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Steve Thomasson

Freelance translator, 40; Bolton, England

Steve Thomasson, photo by Steve Thomasson

Carla Watkins

Photographer, 34; Essex, UK

Carla Watkins, photo by Carla Watkins

West Coast

Female-identified writer, 47; West Coast, USA

Craig Wynne

College professor, 42; Washington, DC, USA

Craig Wynne, photo by Craig Wynne

“America’s foremost thinker and writer on the single experience,” according to the Atlantic. Author of “Singled Out.” Harvard PhD

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