Single in a Pandemic: 18 Reflections at the 1-Year Mark

There is no one story of what it means to be single during a pandemic. Here are 18 accounts.

Amy Martin with her dog, Chloe. Photo by Amy Martin


Sonya Ashby

Sonya Ashby, photo by Sonya Ashby

Paula Baker

Jennifer Breckner

Jennifer Breckner, photo by Jennifer Breckner

Mary L. Calhoun

Mary L. Calhoun, photo by Mary L. Calhoun


Dr. Ketaki Chowkhani

Dr. Ketaki Chowkhani, photo by Dr. Ketaki Chowkhani

Jennifer Fields

Natassia Gopaul

Evan Hoppin

Crystal Legacy

Crystal Legacy, photo by Crystal Legacy

Kris Marsh

Kris Marsh, photo by Kris Marsh

Amy Martin

Amy Martin, photo by Julia Corbin

Elizabeth Silverstein

Steve Thomasson

Steve Thomasson, photo by Steve Thomasson

Carla Watkins

Carla Watkins, photo by Carla Watkins

West Coast

Craig Wynne

Craig Wynne, photo by Craig Wynne

“America’s foremost thinker and writer on the single experience,” according to the Atlantic. Author of “Singled Out.” Harvard PhD

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