The Intrigue of People Who Like Being Alone

In my 13 years of blogging about single life, no topic has been more popular than this one

Bella DePaulo


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I’ve been writing the “Living Single” blog at Psychology Today since March of 2008, nearly 13 years. I’ve posted there more than 950 times. One of those posts was the all-time-favorite, by far: The badass personalities of people who like being alone.

Rather than listing the top 26 posts in order, I’ve grouped them into 6 thematic categories. The number in front of each title is the rank-ordering.

Why so many people are drawn to solitude and to single life, including even some people who are partnered

1 The badass personalities of people who like being alone

2 The truth about why some men stay single

7 23 ways single people are better: The scientific evidence

9 Why 5 types of people may withdraw from social life

10 The profound rewards of staying single

13 17 benefits of single life

15 Why so many partners want to be both together and single

17 Why you want to be alone and why that matters

22 Half of solo singles don’t want a relationship or even a date

24 Are single people mentally stronger?

25 The core qualities of those who enjoy being single

Conventional wisdom and scare stories

3 Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

14 18 long-term studies show that people who marry do not become lastingly happier

21 The ultimate threat to single people: You’ll die alone

Kids: Single people who have kids and single and coupled people who don’t

4 The children of single mothers: How do they really fare?

11 The truth about women who never have kids



Bella DePaulo

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