TIME Magazine Bashes Single People and Fawns All Over Couples. Again.

More single men? TIME says that’s “not a good sign.”

Bella DePaulo
8 min readOct 7, 2021


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Hey, single people, guess what? We have no future!

So says Time magazine, a publication with a history of telling us how awesome those married people are and how pitiful it is to be single.

“Having a Partner Suggests Having a Future”

The reporter doesn’t use the word pitiful, so let me show you a verbatim quote, where she is talking about couples:

“It’s not just that they only have to pay one rent or buy one fridge, say some sociologists who study marriage, it’s that having a partner suggests having a future.”

She doesn’t name any of those sociologists. It’s just what they supposedly say.

I’m staring at my computer screen wondering how to even deal with this ridiculous and insulting implication that being single suggests not having a future. I’m 68 and I just celebrated my Golden Anniversary of being single. I’m proud of what I have accomplished. I’m proud of what millions of single men and women have accomplished. Please, Time magazine, explain to me about this future I didn’t have. Tell all of us single people when our lives supposedly stopped.

That’s not all. Hey single women, guess why we’re going to college!

“Women May Be Going to College in Greater Numbers Because it Helps Them Attract a Partner”

Did you think you just got teleported back to the 1950s? Nope. I plucked that line out of the Time article from two days ago, October 5, 2021. This time the reporter does name someone specific, though she is not quoting him verbatim. The exact sentence in the article is, “He speculates that women may be going to college in greater numbers because it helps them attract a partner in the same way it helps men.” Then we get a direct quote about how women who go to college are rewarded with greater earnings and greater partnership potential.

“Not a Good Sign,” Declares Time magazine, about the Supposedly Greater Number of Single Men Than…



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