What I have done, haven’t done, and still want to do after 50 years of living single

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If you want to know what happens to people after they marry, don’t just look at newlyweds

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A new report compares older adults who don’t have children with those who do

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How weddings unfairly widen the wealth gap between people who marry and people who don’t

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Are there things you can do to make just about any place feel like home?

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Author Fenton Johnson finds that some supposedly smart people are clueless about celibacy

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“Live Alone and Like It” was a sensation in 1936. Here are 13 reasons why it is still relevant

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For single people especially, is 40 what 30 used to be? What about everyone else?

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We’ve been led to believe that marrying protects us from wanting to take our own lives. I looked at the data.

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Bella DePaulo

“America’s foremost thinker and writer on the single experience,” according to the Atlantic. Author of “Singled Out.” Harvard PhD www.belladepaulo.com

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